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Marketing optimization

A/B test before allocating Linkedin PPC budget

Lead identification

Delivered real-time, based on campaign results

Market research

Measure competition to find untapped markets

Increase reach

Get wider reach for every campaign you run

10X productivity

Spend minutes VS hours with even better results

Latest technology

With AI under the hood, we can beat competition all the time

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Influencer campaigns are from $5 with pay-as-you-go and prepaid plans.


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  • 10 campaigns $10 each

  • Min campaign is $10
    Max budget $100

  • Engagement delivered
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Per month
  • For daily use

  • 20 campaigns $10 each

  • Min campaign is $10
    Max budget $200

  • Engagement delivered
    within golden hours

Per month
  • Once a week

  • 5 campaigns $10 each

  • Min campaign is $10
    Max budget $50

  • Engagement delivered
    within golden hours

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Under The Hood

Best features and included in all the plans

Job assignment and scheduling

Automatic job assignment and scheduling for the best results based on our digital marketers’ team experience and on statistics we gather.

Content approval and validation

One click content approval and post statistics screenshots.

Performance reports

Improve every campaign with the statistics we gather as influencers post or mention brand in their stories.

Payouts consolidation

Automatic payouts management is a big deal with dozens of people per campaign.

Invoice for every order

All in one place, sorted by time and easy to download.

Worldwide marketplace

Collaborate with influencers, content creators, freelancers from all over the world for maximum brand awareness.


What is 1stinfluencer.com all about?


1stinfluencer.com is a marketplace where algorithm hires and collaborates with LinkedIn influencers and content creators to achieve your social media marketing goals of significantly increasing organic reach and engagement rates for every post. With $10 the lowest quote per campaign we provide services to fit your budget.

Can I use 1stinfluencer.com for free?


For hiring on the marketplace you obviously have to pay but we also have free tools for aspiring influencers and content creators.

Our AI SMM scheduler available for free to anyone after simple registration. This tool will setup 1-click sized tasks for you daily. Anytime you have a free minute - do some tasks to grow your profile audience.

Or earn money the same way once your profile qualifies for paid tasks from the marketplace!

Why is the reach of my LinkedIn posts important?


LinkedIn is an exceptional lead acquisition channel. 1stinfluencer.com multiplies the reach of your posts by around 10, sometimes even higher. This allows you to make yourself visible to thousands of people, share your expertise with a wider audience and get an immediate return on investment.

I've got a suggestion. How can I contact you?


You can contact us via our Support email.