Perfecting Your LinkedIn PPC Budget: The Essential Guide to A/B Testing

Perfecting Your LinkedIn PPC Budget: The Essential Guide to A/B Testing

How 1stinfluencer helps maximize your LinkedIn marketing by A/B testing before allocating PPC budget. In this post we will give you answers to the next three questions, with examples of how 1stinfluencer helps with all of that and with real numbers. What is A/B testing and how may you use this concept to increase conversion rates in your marketing activities radically? Where is influencer marketing comes in handy and when there is PPC time? How to analyze the results and get insights?

To better digest these tactics, we will explain everything on the personal brand developing use case.

This also applies if you already have a content plan and post daily or are willing to start right away, as sales don't happen on their own.

Lastly, you expected to know your customer - formally putting down an ideal customer profile document is great.

Whether you're a CEO, entrepreneur, or sales executive, you constantly reach out, connect, post, and track the impact of your activities.

With a lot of marketing efforts going on, it is hard to figure out activities responsible for proportionally more significant impact.

A/B testing allows you to figure out the most impactful of your ads by testing elements of your content.

This is a proven concept to increase conversion rates for marketing campaigns.

By adjusting messaging, imagery you can identify the combinations that captivate your target audience.

For A/B testing to really work (give you an answer you could rely on as on science) only one condition must be met -  statistically significant results.

Which in simple words means some traffic/views per each option tested.

Even more practically, that may mean ~3000 views per option or min $700 for the A/B test answer. That price is justified in case your improvement brings in way over $700 spent on the testing.

So  +3% will make $700 even for $23.000 PPC budget and for real breakthrough, it should be either +30% or $230.000 PPC budget.

LinkedIn requires A/B tests to have at least a $10 daily or $700 lifetime budget, which are minimum requirements.

LinkedIn’s A/B testing budget recommendations are much higher. The platform recommends using a lifetime budget of $2,000 for an audience of 2 million or more.

For smaller audiences of up to 1 million, LinkedIn recommends a lifetime budget of $10,000.

That’s rather a rare spend on personal brand development.

And actually means LinkedIn A/B testing tool won’t help you to understand what kind of posts your followers like most.

Time is another dimension and minimum for A/B test on LinkedIn is 2 weeks.

The problem can’t stay unresolved for long and, at 1stinfluencer, we provide a solution by pushing your post into registered influencers tasks feed.

Where influencers with matching geography and industry re-post and engage with your content if they like it.

Thus provides effective hints on which content matches with the audience better. When the campaign finishes, we provide a report and a simple answer if the content is worth an additional boost with LinkedIn PPC.

With the access to LinkedIn Marketing API, 1stinfluencer lets you to start highly scalable LinkedIn PPC campaign for your most effective content in just few clicks.

Influencer marketing is hardly scalable, but it may come in very handy for testing messages on small audiences fast.

Good content may get enough views, engagement and feedback to make a data backed decision about further PPC budget and the use of PPC ads.

All you need to test your content with 1stinfluencer is a recent post link. Start a simple trial campaign here.